Mesothelioma Verdict

Louisiana Jury Awards Substantial Verdict Against John Crane


Case Style: Ralph Stoute v. John Crane, Inc., Cause No. 71751, 18th Judicial District, Division “B,” Parish of Iberville, Louisiana.

Jury Verdict: $3,000,000

Physical Pain and Suffering             $1,000,000
Mental Anguish                                  $1,000,000
Loss of Enjoyment of Life                 $622,688
Past Medical Expenses                      $227,312
Future Medical Expenses                  $150,000                                        

Plaintiff: Ralph D. Stoute

Defendant: John Crane, Inc.

Verdict Date: May 29, 2013

Facts: Mr. Ralph Stoute, 78 years old, was diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma in 2012.  He has been battling this incurable cancer for almost a year and a half. Mr. Stoute’s cancer was caused by his exposure to asbestos.  He had significant exposure to asbestos from gaskets sold by John Crane, Inc. and other asbestos products and asbestos containing equipment he worked with and around during his career as a maintenance mechanic from the 1950s to the 1990s at multiple facilities including sites in Louisiana, New Jersey and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  The jury found on behalf of Mr. Ralph Stoute against John Crane, Inc. on theories of negligence, unreasonably dangerous per se, and failure to warn.  Mr. Stoute has been married to Cynthia Stoute for over 50 years.  Together they have 3 children, Robert Stoute, Ronald Stoute, and Cherri Stoute.

Plaintiff attorneys: David Greenstone, Tiffany Dickenson, and Lisa Shirley of Simon Greenstone Panatier, PC, Dallas, TX.  Frank Swarr of Landry & Swarr, LLC of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Defense attorneys: Dan Griffin of O’Connell, Tivin, Miller & Burns, LLC. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Keenan Rand of Plauche, Maselli, Parkerson LLP of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Judge: Honorable Donald M. Fendlason

Plaintiff experts: Dr. Arnold Brody (Cell Biology); Dr. John Maddox (Pathology, Causation); Dr. Edwin Holstein (Occupational Medicine), and James Millette (Materials Analyst).

Defense experts: John Henshaw (Industrial Hygienist) and Dr. James Crapo (Causation)