Pharmaceutical Hazards

Pharmaceutical drugs are associated with the treatment of symptoms or illnesses for the general wellbeing of the person taking the medication. Whether prescribed or purchased over-the-counter, consumers expect that these products will deliver effective results without endangering their health.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that pharmaceutical companies don’t remain in business to help people, but rather to turn a profit. It is a multi-billion dollar industry that is consistently growing in the U.S. Like other companies, pharmaceutical companies are legally responsible for the products they produce and sell, and unfortunately, many of those products have been responsible for yielding harmful side effects in individuals who consume the drugs with no knowledge of the potential harm they can cause.

The side effects aren’t merely uncomfortable or inconvenient, but rather, many serious illnesses and deaths have been linked to over-the-counter drugs and prescribed medications.

Your Rights

It’s your right to know whether the medications you take personally and the ones you give to your family could cause dangerous health problems. If you or someone you know has developed an injury that you believe may be related to a pharmaceutical product, contact SGP today.